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Kathy Hough

Certification Status: Master Certificant

Certification Earned: February 15, 2021

Certification Expiring: February 29, 2024

Service Area: West Panhandle, FL

Date Learning Topic/Focus Area Source/Location Hours
02/11/2021 FPP Fifth Annual Online Conference Virtual 2.50
02/25/2021 Safeguarding Seniors from Scams (FPP) Virtual 1.50
03/02/2021 Creating 'safe time' for survivors within state policy. NNEDV virtual 1.50
03/03/2021 Survivors Know Best. A data-driven approach to expanding the ecosystem of support. NNEDV virtual 1.50
03/04/2021 Don't knock the Hustle: Entrepreneurship without exploitation. NNEDV virtual 1.50
03/11/2021 FPP Collective Impact: Powering Prosperity for All (FPP) virtual 1.00
04/16/2021 Rural and Underserved Populations FL DCF virtual 2.00
06/17/2021 Expanding the Ecosystem of Support for Survivors National Domestic Violence Hotline 1.50
06/29/2021 Fintech: A bridge to Economic Inclusion FDIC virtual 3.50
08/03/2021 Building a Match Savings Program NNEDV virtual 1.50
08/12/2021 Our Florida Brings Rent and Utility Relief to Eligible Floridians FPP virtual 1.00
08/19/2021 Why Financial Capability has to Be in the Equation for True Inclusion to Exist FPP Virtual 1.50
12/10/2021 Un-affordable Housing (Round Table) FPP/Pensacola 3.00
01/27/2022 EJ: Supporting survivors with Criminal History FLDVC Virtual 2.00
02/04/2022 FPP Coalition 2022 6th Annual Online Conference FPP Virtual 2.50
03/08/2022 EJ Summit NNEDV virtual 9.00
05/20/2022 Bridging the VOCA Gap NCADV Virtual 1.50
06/06/2022 ACP and Relocation Training Office of Attorney General 2.00
07/14/2022 HUD City of Pensacola Information Sharing HUD Virtual 2.50
Total: 43.00