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Lancy Leveille

Certification Status: Master Certificant

Certification Earned: June 21, 2020

Certification Expiring: June 30, 2023

Service Area: Central Florida

Date Learning Topic/Focus Area Source/Location Hours
06/18/2020 Accessing Permanent Housing SAMHSA 3.00
08/07/2020 FPP 12th annual conference on Financial Capability Online webinar 7.00
03/18/2021 SOAR training SAMHSA SOAR Technical Assistance Center 20.00
02/23/2021 Engaging HUD Multifamily Owners and Managers in HUD Housing Counseling Office of Housing Counseling HUD/FHA 1.50
03/03/2021 Moving On Webinar Series: Introduction to Moving On HUD Exchange 1.50
11/05/2020 Transgender Cultural Humility Workshop Equality Florida 2.00
03/30/2021 Military Mental Health and Resilience 2021 and Beyond University Behavioral Center 2.00
Total: 37.00