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Maria Gonzalez

Certification Status: Master Certificant

Certification Earned: February 9, 2020

Certification Expiring: February 28, 2023

Service Area: Collier County, FL

Date Learning Topic/Focus Area Source/Location Hours
03/11/2021 Intermediaries Helping Consumers "Get Banked" FDIC 1.00
04/09/2020 FHA’s Loss Mitigation Options for Borrowers Affected by the Presidentially-Declared COVID-19 National Emergency FHA Webinar 1.00
04/20/2020 National Call on Coronavirus and Homelessness/Housing Webinar 2.00
05/14/2020 Fure Bound: Enhancing Educational Attainment & Finanutcial Capability with Children’s Savings Accounts FPP Webinar 1.00
05/27/2020 Futurists Exploring Financial Capability in Today’s World FPP Webinar 1.00
05/28/2020 Futurists Exploring Financial Capability for Tomorrow’s World FPP Webinar 1.00
05/29/2020 Seeing Community Financial Capability Grow, Now and Into the Future FPP Webinar 1.00
01/04/2021 Avoiding Foreclosure eLearning 6.00
01/12/2021 FICO Score Fundamentals FICO brought to you by Freddie Mac and Diversified Resource Network 2.00
01/29/2021 EITC Awareness Day FPP Webinar 1.00
03/04/2021 Pre-Purchase Counseling Training Online Training 6.00
02/10/2021 Wells Fargo Focus on Home: Staying informed during COVID-19: Scam Alerts, Consumer Outreach Campaign, and Post-Mortgage Forbearance Options Webinar 1.50
Total: 24.50