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Marie Gonzper

Certification Status: Master Certificant

Certification Earned: February 9, 2020

Certification Expiring: February 28, 2023

Service Area: Collier County, FL

Date Learning Topic/Focus Area Source/Location Hours
03/11/2021 Intermediaries Helping Consumers "Get Banked" FDIC and CFPB 1.00
03/02/2021 CreditSmart Webinar Diversified Resources Network 1.50
03/09/2021 CreditSmart Webinar Diversified Resources Network 1.50
02/24/2021 FICO: Score a Better Future FICO 1.00
02/15/2021 Housing Affordability: Building Confidence in Housing Counseling Neighborworks America Institute 1.50
02/16/2021 Understanding the Skills Needed to be a Successful Financial Coach Neighborworks America Institute 2.00
02/18/2021 Protecting Credit and Avoiding Scams during the Pandemic Financial Crisis Neighborworks America Institute 1.50
02/17/2021 FICO Score Open Access for Financial Counselors FICO and Diversified Resources Network 1.00
02/10/2021 Focus on Home: Staying informed during COVID-19: Scam Alerts, Consumer Outreach Campaign, and Post-Mortgage Forbearance Options Wells Fargo 1.50
01/12/2021 FICO Scores Fundamentals FICO, Freddie Mac and Diversified Resource Network 2.00
05/04/2020 Forbearance: What Housing Counselors Need to Know Fannie Mae 1.00
04/21/2020 The Unequal Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Households' Financial Stability FPP 1.00
03/16/2021 CreditSmart Webinar Diversified Resources Network 1.50
Total: 18.00