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Sandra Diaz

Certification Status: Master Certificant

Certification Earned: June 21, 2020

Certification Expiring: June 30, 2023

Service Area: Sem/Osc/Orange, FL

Date Learning Topic/Focus Area Source/Location Hours
08/27/2020 Resources for Housing,Jobs and Unemployment Zoom Heart of Fl United Way hosted 1.00
02/11/2021 FPP Fith Anual On line Conference FPP 2.50
11/20/2020 Cyber crime / Security culture. Security awarem\ness by Kevin Mitnick/CEO fraud Knowb4 1.00
03/08/2021 Cyber crime/ Common Threats/Social engineering Red Flagd Knowb4 0.75
03/11/2021 CinFap Insights and reminders on how to obtain and track CLU's Barry, CPFincap 0.75
03/11/2021 Powering Prsoperity for All. Better together FPP virtual/guest speakerJoseph Hovancal 1.00
03/24/2021 Power for Pros Group Training/ Media Training & Success Coaching Anetta Wilson Zoom, www.SpeakWith Ease.com 2.00
03/29/2021 2020 Common Threats/Internet Security when you work from home/Conquer open wifi Knowb4 1.00
04/08/2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mr. Finley/ Zoom 1.00
05/13/2021 Captain awareness CEO fraud, Executive level human firewall, Creating strong passwords, Internet secutiry, knowBe4 training/Rueben Calixte/Salvant technology 0.50
08/12/2021 OurFl brings rnt &util relief FPP session from Our Florida 1.00
07/19/2021 Defining Sensive information/Mobile device secutity raining@knowBe4.com 1.00
07/08/2021 DEI in workplace Mr. Finley zoom 1.00
09/02/2021 Internet safety(Deep fake awareness) Knowbe4 on line 1.00
08/12/2021 Our Fl brings rent & utility relief OurFlorida program 1.50
08/19/2021 Why financial capability has to be equation for inclusion to exist FPP/Travis walker Realize Now 1.50
09/14/2021 Financial Capability Resources to Elevate Financial Inclusion Coffee with Kofe FPP Coalition 1.50
09/28/2021 Fight Cyber Crime Center for Cyber safety & education on line zoom 2.50
10/13/2021 Internet security/social engineering Knowbe4 on line 1.00
12/15/2021 211 and mental health Emerging Leaders 1.00
12/30/2021 Money Guide Dave Ramsey Complete Guide to Monsy 6.00
01/13/2022 HUD information Sharing HUD staff 2.50
01/14/2022 More than Free Taxes FPP Coalintion 1.25
01/19/2022 Bank On Bankon of Fl, HFUW, FDIC 1.50
01/25/2022 Comon threats hackers/Danger Zone/ Phishing KnowBe4 training 0.50
01/27/2022 overview of services provided, how to refer etc Orlando Health Pathways/Gretchen Smithwick 2.00
02/04/2022 6th Annual Online Conference/ FPP Coalition on zoom 2.50
03/29/2022 21-22 Tax season Virtual session. What to do when you encounter taxpayer with no relationship with financial instituion. virtual through FPP Coalition 1.00
03/24/2022 Red Flags security awareness Knowb4 website 0.50
04/20/2022 How to implement financial health &wellness Program in work place FPP coalition on zoom True Connect/Sourcewell 1.25
04/20/2022 Overview Autism Spectrum Help Me Grow sponsored with Dr Salazar UCG 1.00
04/18/2022 Communication/de-escalation. Ride Module/(relationshop, Identify needs,Deal w/feelings, Explore options) 211 Communication specialist Cathy Pineda 2.00
04/27/2022 Human Trafficking/ youth Orlando/Fla Orlando Human Traffiking Task Force Christine Commence wedinar 1.25
06/28/2022 Emotional Intelligence/The driving force for leadership & success Josef Azam sponsored by FPP 1.50
06/27/2022 Cyber security KeithCoker/Orlantech zoom 1.25
06/06/2022 The TotalMoney Makeover Book by Dave Ramsey 5.50
06/29/2022 Achieving Long-term Housing Affordability FDIC/OCC via zoom 2.25
08/22/2022 How to Prevent Burnout from Post Pandemic Stress Dwight Bain zoom 1.00
09/14/2022 Suicide prevention Anette Wilson (panel) 0.50
11/06/2022 Best practices for budget and Savings Get Good with Money by Tiffany Aliche 3.00
11/12/2022 How to maintain focus/achieve goals. Keep Holiday from derailing your finances. Make the most of your tax refund. Difference between wants and needs. no spend challenge on line Fairwinds. Miniature articles 0.50
01/20/2023 Computer hacking Knowbe4u website 0.50
01/23/2023 Fundamentals of Financial Management book by James C Van Horne and John Wachowiez 2.00
01/30/2023 Coping with Financial Stress on line Help Guide magazine 12/2022 by Lawrence Robinson & Melinda Smith MA 0.50
01/30/2023 Surviving Tough Times by Building Resilence Help Guide magazine by Lawrence Robinson & Melinda Smith MA 0.50
03/03/2023 Facing Financial Isms. Pamala McCoy/Spondulics 0.75
12/17/2022 Smart Money Smart Kids Dave Ramsey /Rachel Cruz book 4.00
03/07/2023 Financial Literacy cognitive understanding of financial components & skills CFI article by Meeyeon Park 2023 0.25
02/27/2023 How to Suceed in Hybrid work enviroment Get Courages by Leslie Mizcok executive coach 1.25
Total: 73.00