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Valerie Gordon

Certification Status: Master Certificant

Certification Earned: February 9, 2020

Certification Expiring: February 28, 2023

Service Area: Tampa, FL

Date Learning Topic/Focus Area Source/Location Hours
04/30/2020 Addressing Debt in Black/ African American Communities: Is Financial Coaching Enough? ". Prosperity NOW 1.50
04/15/2020 COVID-19, the CARES Act, and Those You Serve: What the Un- and Under-Banked Need to Know Right Now FPP Virtual Learning 1.00
05/05/2020 How are Financial Coaches Responding to COVID-19? Prosperity NOW 1.50
05/09/2020 Biblical Business Tools for Success after Covid-19 Nehemiah Project 1.50
05/13/2020 Implementing Effective Rental Assistance Programs with Federal and State Resources Florida Housing Coalition 1.50
05/14/2020 Future Bound: Enhancing Educational Attainment & Financial Capability with Children’s Savings Accounts” FPP Virtual Learning 1.50
07/09/2020 Current CRA Activity in Response to COVID-19 FPP Virtual Learning 1.25
06/30/2020 Responding to COVID-19 with an Equity and Gender Lens Asset Funders Network 0.50
07/07/2020 A National Conversation with Indian Country – Asset {Re}Building". Prosperity NOW 1.50
07/29/2020 Focus on the Future Because . The Future Is Now. FPP - Spondulics.org 8.00
10/03/2020 Innovation and Growth USF MUMU 2.00
10/08/2020 Doing Business in Your God-Given Sweet Spot Nehemiah Project 1.00
09/16/2020 Money Smart for Young People Train The Trainer FDIC 1.50
10/08/2020 What do Customers Want? Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Management in the New Normal MUMA USF 2.00
10/10/2020 : Enhancing Customer Value MUMA USF 2.00
10/12/2020 Leveraging Data USF MUMU College of Business 2.50
10/17/2020 Value Generation USF MUMU College of Business 2.50
10/20/2020 Enterprise Risk Managemet & Cyber Security USF MUMU College of Business 2.50
10/20/2020 Re-Energizing Sales USF MUMU College of Business 2.50
10/20/2020 Trauma Informed Care Siemer Institute 1.00
11/10/2020 Rapid Re-Housing. Funding, Processes, Models Florida Housing Coalition 1.50
11/12/2020 2020 Big Bend of Florida Regional Roundtable: Community Conversations - Summit Supporting Small and Minority-Owned Business". FPP Virtual Learning 1.50
11/09/2020 Focusing on employees & Legal Considerations USF MUMU College of Business 1.00
11/16/2020 What do Customers Want? Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Management in the New Normal USF MUMU College of Business 1.50
12/08/2020 Lessons from COVID Relief: Spoiler Alert - One Time Cash Disbursements are NOT enough Asset Funders Network 1.50
12/07/2020 Financial and Entrepreneurship considerations USF MUMU College of Business 1.00
12/10/2020 Financial Inclusion Summit – Banking Access and the Racial Wealth Gap FPP Virtual Learning 1.00
02/23/2021 Investing In Financial Coaching with a Racial Equity Lens Asset Funders Network 1.25
02/18/2021 Trauma-Informed Care and how you can implement best practices United Way Suncoast 4.00
02/11/2021 Together Again, In Harmony FPP fifth Annual Online Conf 2.50
01/11/2021 VITA Training Session A FPP Virtual Learning 3.00
01/12/2021 VITA Training Session B FPP Zoom Room 3.00
01/13/2021 VITA Training Session C FPP Zoom Room 3.00
01/14/2021 VITA Training Session D FPP Zoom Room 3.00
Total: 68.00